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  • Social Media Lead Generation

    Real estate professionals and mortgage lenders have to know their business inside and out to succeed in a competitive marketplace. At The Social Agent, we’re here to handle the social media advertising that gives professionals an edge up when it comes to lead generation.


    We understand real estate and we know that professionals don’t have a lot of time to work exclusively on lead generation. With that said, the process of reaching out to potential buyers and sellers online is valuable and important.


    When you’re looking to integrate social media lead generation into your real estate business, but could use some professional insight, The Social Agent has your back.

  • Social Media Lead Generation

  • Innovative & Successful Lead Generation

    At The Social Agent, we offer innovative and successful lead generation services that our clients can count on. We seamlessly harness the power of social media to reach a wider audience of prospective buyers and sellers.


    Our approach to lead generation is refreshingly versatile and applies to top-rated platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. While our lead generation methods are highly-effective, our zip code focused approach ensures that the agents and teams that we work with won’t ever compete against any of our other clients. From Instagram ad management to Facebook advertising, our meticulous lead generation techniques guarantee that the playing field is always fair and lucrative.


    Zip code-specific lead generation is not only cost-effective, but it also has a low barrier entry into the world of real estate. This makes it great for new and seasoned agents alike.

    At The Social Agent, we take a month-to-month approach to Facebook lead generation and Instagram advertising for realtors. The Facebook lead generation services we provide, along with our Instagram ad management for realtors, are designed to fit a monthly budget that’s approved in advance and have no long-term contracts.


    In this way, our services are not only flexible, but they’re also manageable within a fluctuating marketplace. Our exclusive advertising and ad management services are ideal for busy real estate agents who value lead generation, but don’t have time to take on the task themselves.


    Our Instagram lead generation for realtors and our Facebook advertising for realtors offer turnkey solutions for professionals nationwide. We seamlessly connect agents with local home buyers and sellers on platforms that are accessible by a wider audience than ever before.

  • Targeted Leads In Your Inbox

    Be the exclusive agent in your primary zip codes on Facebook & Instagram with The Social Agent.


    Choose Your Zips


    Reserve your zip codes for $99 each (one-time fee) to be the only agent in the best neighborhoods on Facebook & Instagram.


    Choose Budget

    Choose your monthly ad budget based on how much exposure you want on your listings and your brand to generate leads who have raised their hand.


    Choose Your Ads


    We will build your video ads from your listings or brand and place them in your market on Facebook & Instagram from your Facebook Business Page.


    Close Deals


    Prospects who click on your listings will be directed to your Email, Phone or CRM to follow-up and convert quickly.

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    Reach more buyers and sellers on Facebook & Instagram

  • Customized Instagram & Facebook Ads

    Successful Instagram lead generation and Facebook ad management for realtors isn’t something we leave to chance at The Social Agent. Our team works closely with our clients to guarantee a clear understanding of the best ways to invest their marketing dollars.


    Once we’ve paired ads with the right platform, we track all relevant details from the leads that follow. This indicates which ads are working and where a potential client base is located.


    Within the world of social media lead generation, nothing is a coincidence. At The Social Agent, we provide predictable and profitable results to our clients based on proven strategies and customized algorithms.


    We’re experts when it comes to the creation of great marketing solutions. We consistently leverage top-notch tools on social media to help agents and brokers navigate a fast-changing landscape.


    As The Social Agent team focuses on ad management, our clients are enjoying more time to focus on new leads! In situations in which we can integrate leads into a client’s existing CRM, it’s even more likely they’ll see leads convert into clients..


  • FAQ'S

    Be The Only Agent In Your Market! Competitor Free Listing Ads.

    What Do I Get?

    With The Social Agent you will be the exclusive agent on the largest social media channels in your zip codes. Each zip code is $99 plus your ad budget to own exclusively. You will be the only agent who gets to advertise and market with us on Facebook & Instagram.

    What Happens Next?

    Once you reserve your primary zip codes, one of our market consultants will confirm your zip codes and advise you on an ad budget. We do all the advertising for you in your markets so you can focus on real estate and we will show you how to connect with more people in your market. No competitors, no long-term commitments, no fuss.

    Your Zip, Your Choice.

    Once you own your zip codes you own them exclusively as long as your subscription is active. There are no long-term commitments. It's your market and you get to choose how much to advertise your listings to home-buyers and sellers in your area. Market availability is limited due to exclusivity and demand.

  • The Many Benefits of Instagram and Facebook Lead Generation

    These days, failing to link marketing efforts to social media means that you’ll be missing out on leads at every turn. Realtors who partner with The Social Agent when it comes to handling lead generation will find clients who are looking to buy or sell -- they’re just a click away!

    Social media lead generation allows realtors and agents to capture the interest of engaged leads in real time. Having a strong social media presence also works to build up the authority of real estate professionals in the business.

    Generating referrals and new listings is an amazing benefit of this type of lead generation. The fact that user information can be pre-populated on these platforms makes it faster than ever to connect with potential leads.


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  • Choosing The Social Agent for Your Lead Generation Needs

    When it’s time to elevate your lead generation, The Social Agent can help. Our zip code advertising means that real estate professionals enjoy less competition from other agents and greater brand awareness online.

    Replacing long-term contracts with month-to-month services can provide the flexibility and peace of mind that our clients deserve. Together with access to quality leads, this allows agents and realtors we partner with to truly focus on the work they love.

    At The Social Agent, we’re passionate about all things related to social media lead generation. We have the experience and training to take the online process to new levels of success.

    We do all of this at a great cost-per-lead that works within our client budgets. As leads are converted into clients, we feel honored to be a part of a productive and exciting process!

  • Learn More About Successful Lead Generation

    Amazing marketing and advertising don’t just happen overnight. Both require careful attention to detail, a commitment to tracking information, and a social media savvy that’s one-of-a-kind!

    Real estate professionals that partner with the team at The Social Agent will find all of this and more. We’re here to handle your social media advertising, ad management, and lead generation upon request.

    We work closely with agents and brokers to successfully navigate a competitive marketplace. When you’re excited to see what our social media marketing can do for you, give the team at The Social Agent a call!

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