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  • 19 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Tips

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    by Andi Moore | 10.28.2021

    The number of social media platforms available is huge, which makes it challenging for businesses to stand out. However, real estate professionals can use these social media platforms to attract the right type of leads that are relevant. Here are 19 real estate social media marketing tips that will help you attract relevant leads that are quick to convert.
  • Table of Contents


    Beginner Tips


    Intermediate Tips


    Expert Tips


    Real Estate Specific Tips

  • Beginner Tips...

    1. Sync Posts Across All Social Media Accounts

    There are a few reasons you might want to do this. The main one is that it forces you to have a single version of your message, with everything in the right order, so that when it does go out on all your various accounts, it will be a coherent message rather than a garbled mess.

    There's also the fact that if you've got a good post that goes well on Facebook but doesn't fit Twitter, people will tell you about it. And vice versa. If you're going to publish something important, you should probably put in the work to make sure it hits all your social media accounts at once.

    So how do you sync up all your various feeds? One simple way is to use Social Bee or some other third-party tool.

    2. Post Regularly

    Here's our advice: Post regularly. Post genuinely.


    Post regularly: People don't want to hear from you once a month--they're busy and they forget who you are. Posting regularly, even if it's just a line or two, keeps your name in people's minds so they'll come back to see what you've written. And if they check in regularly, they'll be more likely to notice when there is something new and important to read.


    To post genuinely: When you ask people for their attention, the last thing you want them to feel is that you're insincere. Don't say things just because you think people want to hear them. If you do think people want to hear them, make sure that what you have to say is worth saying, and then say it in a way that makes it clear that's why you decided to say it.

    3. Include Photos And Other Visuals

    Social media is the best way to reach the largest possible audience. But if you want your content to be shared, it should be richer than just text.


    You probably already know that people respond better to photos than to text alone. It's not hard to see why. Photos are more engaging because they stimulate both our visual and our emotional brain at once, especially when they are set in a landscape that draws us in.


    And photos are often more memorable because they stand out from other messages in our crowded social media feeds.


    But there's more to it than that...


    Social media is not only about quantity but also about quality. If you want your content to rise above the noise level, it needs to include something unusual or unexpected. Photos are ideal for this because they can provide something visual or emotional that words alone can't match. You might think of them as "super stimuli" because they trigger both vision and emotion in our brains, producing a stronger reaction than even the most evocative words could achieve on their own.

    4. Schedule Posts For Evenings

    We all want to share our lives with friends and family, and social media lets us do that. But it's easy to get in a rut and post the same things day in and day out. And if you use social media for business, posting the same content every day is not going to help you stand out from the crowd.


    The solution: schedule your posts. If you're using Facebook, you can schedule an entire month's worth of posts in just a few minutes. That way you can plan ahead, and space out different kinds of content over time. For example, if you want to promote your business at different times during the week or on different days of the month, scheduling posts ahead of time can help you do that.

    5. Republish And Update Older Posts

    It seems like a lot of work to write a whole new post, and not enough people will see it to make it worth the effort. So we end up with a bunch of great ideas that never get executed.


    The solution is to republish and update older posts instead of letting them languish in the archives. Why bother? Because Google has made it easy for people who want to read what you wrote in the past to find all your old posts, and there is no such easy way for them to find new posts about things they might be interested in.

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  • Intermediate Tips...

    6. Include Hashtags To Increase Engagement

    When you post to social media, you should include hashtags. Hashtags are the way people find things on social media. Without them, your posts will be seen by fewer people.

    Hashtags are useful for more than just finding things. They also serve as a kind of shorthand notation to tell what kind of thing you are talking about. If you make a tweet or post that is relevant to several different hashtags, it will be seen by more people.

    Hashtags can be used in casual ways, like when you're making fun of someone. But if you want to reach the largest number of people possible, this isn't the best strategy. If you want your content to go viral, use hashtags strategically rather than casually. Here's some for you...


    #realestate #realestatenews #homesforsale #realtor #realty #house #houses #househunting #homes #homeselling #selling #sell #sellingmyhome #sellingmyhouse #sellingmyhousefast #housesforsale #realestateagent #real

    7. Get Interested In Pinterest

    Pinterest is a social media site that is gaining popularity and increasing in use. It is used as a visual bookmarking site that allows users to share and discover new ideas and products. Most of the pins on Pinterest are images although you can also share videos and other content.

    Pinterest is easy to use and is great for promoting your business. Once you figure out how Pinterest works it can be fun and effective for getting more traffic to your website, blog or products.

    8. Use Your Brand

    Social media is basically free, but you can pay a lot for it in terms of the time you spend on it. We think one of the most useful things about social media is that it is an easy way to build your brand.

    Today's world is full of noise--so many messages, so many ways to reach people. And all this noise makes it hard for people to know who you are, what you're about, what value you have to offer. If they don't know that, even if they do business with you or consume your stuff or read your stuff or whatever, they won't trust you.

    So building trust, creating a brand that stands for something, that people can put their faith in--that's really valuable. But in order to do it reliably and systematically, social media is an extremely good tool.

    9. Try The New Platforms... Go Outside Your Box

    Social media is a great way to reach your potential clients, especially if you are a small business. Social media can help you bring new customers and re-engage old ones.

    Just like other social media sites, TikTok allows people to post videos. The only difference is that on TikTok, users can see how many likes they get on their posts. And they can upvote or downvote posts they like or dislike.


    Uploaded some open house tour videos on TikTok and share it with your followers on other social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Your followers will love the content you post on TikTok and they'll even started following you on the platform. This helps you build your presence on TikTok quickly.

    10. Get A Professional Logo

    A logo serves three purposes:

    It makes you look more professional. It sticks in people's minds. It makes it easier for other people to refer to your business. Your logo stands out on social, Create your personal logo today!

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  • Expert Tips...

    11. Run Contests To Ramp Up Your Social Media Strategy

    Social media is a great way to grow your business. It allows you to build relationships with people, which can then turn into sales. But how do you keep the momentum going? How do you keep people coming back for more?

    One way is to run contests on your social media channels. This will help to generate interest in what you have to offer, and at the same time it will bring new followers to your page.

    Here are some steps to take if you want to run social media contests:
    1) Pick a platform where you want to run your contest. You could use Facebook, Twitter or both if you have accounts on both platforms. If not, set up an account just for running the contest.

    2) Decide what you are going to give away as prizes. This could be anything that is related to your service. It doesn't have to be expensive -- it just has to be something that people would like. For example, if you are selling homes make sure at least one of the prizes is a home product. You get the idea! Also make sure that any other prizes are things

    12. Get Up To Speed On Link Retargeting:

    The lesson is clear: social media works best when it is targeted. As the old saying goes, don't just put your message into a bottle and throw it out to sea; rather, figure out who you want to hear from you, then send them messages directly. Use a free tool like PixleMe to create links and retarget those users with ads that are buyer or seller ready.

    13. Collaborate With A Social Media Influencer To Promote You

    Let's say you are lacking in connections or simply want to foster your network, you should consider collaborating with someone who has a large following online. This could be an individual (like Mark Cuban, Gary Vaynerchuk, etc.) or an organization (like Huffington Post, Buffer, etc.).

    If you give them value and they enjoy working with you, it would benefit both parties to keep the relationship going. If they have a good character and a strong network, they may even refer you to their connections for future business.
    It's not hard to find people online but make sure you make the most of your efforts. Do your homework before approaching someone. Find out if this is a right fit for them or a waste of time.

    14. Run Polls

    Social media is at its best when it is more like conversation than like broadcasting. This is why it is good to run polls, especially on Facebook.


    Polls are a conversation. You ask people who follow Facebook you something, and they answer. A one-question poll can be as simple as "What do you think of my new logo?" Much longer polls are possible; on Facebook they can be up to ten questions long.


    It's worth considering putting some thought into the order of the questions; the first one may not matter quite so much as the last one.

    Asking for feedback helps you understand what your followers take away from what you post. And that in turn may help you adjust what you post in the future.

    15. Start Blogging For Social Content

    It's a good time to think about creating regular content for social media.Here are some tips that might help you get started:


    Pick a topic where you have strong opinions. You can't fake it; your enthusiasm for the topic will show through. If you're not sure what you're passionate about, look at your Facebook activity from the past year or so and see what topics frequently come up in your posts and comments.


    Then use a tool like Social Boost to drive engagement to your posts and start conversations with local buyers and sellers.


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  • Real Estate Specific Tips...

    16. Experiment With Facebook & Instagram Ads

    We are big fans of social media marketing. There is nothing like it for reaching new customers at very low cost and with very little effort. Once you learn the basics of how Facebook and Instagram ads can work for you, you can reach millions of people who don't know you yet and can learn about what you offer.

    To reach more people outside of your friends and family we offer The Social Agent Pro for generating leads on Facebook & Instagram.

    17. Invest In Linkedin Lead Generation

    One of the most powerful lead generation platforms is LinkedIn. You can easily find professionals in any niche or industry with this social network, which has over 200 million members. Once you have gotten your Facebook & Instagram ads working for you Linkedin is a great social platform to e-meet and network to reach a high quality buyer or seller.


    The easiest way to get started and get your Linkedin lead generation done for you is Cleverly. They even have great resources how to generate sales with our running ads.

    18. Video Tours Of Local Open Houses (Not Yours)

    If your target market is local buyers, you can get a lot of traction by running video tours of local open houses. These are also a great way to build community engagement and will get other agents talking with you.

    Start by filming a short tour through a local open house that you shot the week before. Then load it into YouTube and share the link with all your contacts.

    If you have an association or MLS system, upload it to their channel as well. After the video has been up for a day or two, ask everyone who viewed it to leave a comment about what they liked or didn't like about the property and why.

    19. Promote Those Success Stories And Client Testimonials

    A successful business needs clients and customers and recommendations and testimonials and referrals. But the best way to get those things may not be what you think.

    When you find a client or customer or recommendation or testimonial or referral, don't keep it to yourself! Publicize it!
    We know how we feel about our own success stories. We're excited, we're proud, we're grateful, we want to tell people. We especially want to tell people who might want to follow in our footsteps.

    We don't put it that way, of course. We just say we want to spread the word. But that's basically what we mean. When you find something that works for you--a product, a service, a program, a strategy, whatever--you want to tell other people about it.

    But if you're like most businesses--if your website is pretty much the only place your customers ever see your name--then they are not hearing about your success stories or client testimonials or referrals. Why not? Because you haven't told them about them.

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