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  • 17 Fresh Real Estate Marketing Blog Ideas (That Get Leads..)

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    by Andi Moore| 11.16.2021

    People in the real estate business know that blogs can be a great way to market and sell their homes. There are many advantages to blogging about the properties you have available. You can do so much more than just post pictures and basic information. 

    You can add relevant content, such as tips for home improvement projects, and even add links to relevant websites such as reliable contractors in your area. When you add such depth to your blog, you will find that people start visiting it not just when they want to buy or sell a property but when they want to learn more about real estate in general. 

    Some people who use blog marketing also use social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. This is a good idea because it reaches out to people who may not normally visit your blog; however, it is important not to overdo this. If you spend all your time posting updates on social media sites, you may end up neglecting your blog posts. 

    Real estate agents should also make sure that their blogs are mobile friendly, meaning that people can access them from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Having mobile-friendly blogs is very important because most people now use mobile devices when surfing the Internet for information; therefore any site that cannot be accessed from a mobile device may lose traffic. 

    Take a look below for 17 ideas for your blog posts to get the ball rolling.

  • Table of Contents


    Local Ideas


    Audience Ideas


    Trending Ideas

  • Local Ideas...

    1. Best Valued Properties

    Best-valued properties can provide your readers with a lot of information. The best properties have something about them that makes them unique or very desirable. Best-valued properties not only come from the homes themselves but from the sellers as well. Sellers who are trying to sell homes quickly may also be willing to sell at a cheaper price than those who aren't. 

    You should also consider other things that may be going on in a neighborhood that would allow for a better price on a property, such as being in a good school district or being close to a major highway. These factors can also contribute to a home's value and to how many people want to buy it. Your readers might not know these things offhand, but you can inform them by producing quality content on your real estate blog. Your blog is one of the best ways for you to do this, because you will be able to inform your readers without giving away too much information or making claims that you can't back up.

    2. Housing Trends

    Many people like to know about housing trends in their area before they make a purchase. If you're in the real estate business, you may want to share with your clients local data on home prices or foreclosures. You can also use this information to help your clients make decisions about when it's the right time to sell their homes. Here are some of the most popular housing-related topics: Home prices/Sales price. 

    If you're in the real estate business, there are two main housing trends you may want to track: home prices and sales activity. To get these numbers, just search for "home price trends" or "home value trends" and your city name, state name or ZIP code. Sales prices are one of the factors that go into calculating home price trends, but they're not the only ones. Other important factors include inventory levels (how many homes are currently for sale), days on market (how long homes take to sell) and similar statistics. These factors usually come together in articles that discuss overall housing market health.

    3. Luxury Properties

    One of the smartest strategies to attract wealthier clients is to tell them about luxurious properties in their local community. While you want to focus on selling yourself, what better way is there of getting your foot in the door than telling people about the luxury around them?

    Your clients aren’t just looking for a property – they’re deciding on where they want to live and invest their money. So, if you’re marketing properties that fit into this luxury market, then your blog posts need to be just as lavish as the lifestyle you’re trying to promote.

    4. Local Community Events

    Let’s face it, where we live directly affects our lives. Whether we like it or not, local events and weather impact us on a daily basis. The same goes for your clients and customers! You can showcase community events and activities to keep them interested in learning more about your home town.

    It's not only a great way to bring extra value to your clients but it is a valuable attribute and service offering for your clients and company, but they can participate and volunteer as well. 

    5. Schools 

    Schools and education are pretty popular topics and there is a lot of buzz around them. If your clients are a family than they may agree that schools are an important part of any neighborhood. When relocating, parents want to look for good schools in the area. Make sure your clients know about local area schools when listing homes in the area.

    Schools are crucial to parents so share what schools are in your clients area, their ranking and how close it is to their home (or property you may want to sell for them!). This makes the move much easier to assimilate.

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  • Audience Ideas...

    6. Relocation Station

    Moving to a new place is not easy. However, it does become easier if your are prepared. Having to get used to a new environment is already stressful without the extra stress of moving.

    Moving is stressful and people don't like to stress. If your clients feel worried and stressed about moving, they may be more likely to hire you as a realtor. To do that though, you first need to tell them that you're a relocation specialist! The goal is to ensure that your clients know that you have experience preparing for their upcoming move and can treat them with respect and care throughout the process.

    7. Plug Your Lenders

    Now that your client has selected the perfect home, it’s time to talk about financing.  We all know there are many options out there, and some of those options are not the best option for the borrower. When someone gives you their personal experience with something it means more than just reading an article on the internet or hearing it from an advertisement. Plus you're willing to give your honest opinion versus just trying to sell them things. 

    Your clients will appreciate your opinion and experience when choosing a lender plus if you work well with a lender than they also send clients who are pre-approved but have no agent!

    8. Oh the FSBO's

    If there is anything that real estate agents hate even more then showing vacant homes to prospective buyers, it's telling their clients about FSBO’s. The for sale by owner business model has caused a lot of people in the real estate business to question whether or not they will be able to continue in this line of work.

    FSBO’s are getting more and more popular each day. They are gaining popularity because of their ability to cut out the proverbial middle man between the contractor and buyer. Knowing this is a trend in the market, providing information as to the pros and cons about a FSBO may even convert a seller that was considering the FSBO route to choosing an agent instead. 

    9. Health & Wellness

    Blogging doesn't have to be all about real estate (although it should definitely be the majority!). However providing relevant content that people can relate to is an important factor in keeping people interested in returning to your blog to read and learn more about what you provide them.

    Health and wellness are topics that people search for online every day. When it comes to health and wellness, it’s important to know what products or services to recommend to your clients. You have a ton of options so you want to be sure you’re recommending the right ones at the right time. You can keep it simple and provide additional resources to provide additional information.

    10. Self-Promotion

    When your client asks, “What makes you better than everyone else?”, what do you say? Do you say anything? Not everyone is comfortable with self-promotion. You might even think it’s kind of silly or obnoxious. But self-promotion isn't the same thing as bragging -- it's an essential part of marketing success. It's meant to help you overcome objections and demonstrate why your clients should do business with you. It's not only about the skills you have, but also about your personality and how well you communicate.

    This is the space to set yourself apart from the competition and really highlight why people should work with you. By not promoting yourself, you may be limiting your potential clients.

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  • Trending Ideas...

    11. The Weather Man Approach

    The weather will affect their decision making, purchasing, outdoor activities and many other choices. Understanding the latest trends in local weather will help you make informed recommendations to your customers about their future plans.

    Weather affects everyone. It is newsworthy, most likely has an impact on many consumers, and can be turned into interesting content most people want to read. If you are looking to catch your client’s attention, look no further. Adding weather forecast-based posts to your blog pages would be a smart idea.

    12. Make Tech Your Friend

    In today’s fast moving technological world, you need to know what’s going on in technology to be successful. There are many innovations in the market that would be beneficial for your clients. With a sharper perspective on emerging tech, you can give them added value services and gain a competitive advantage over your competitors.

    Trending tech is a big deal for a lot of people and tech is used in our daily lives! Instead of you directing your clients to what they should be using, let them know about trending tech from reputable sources.

    13. The Open House Resource

    Real estate agents know that weekend open houses are the big draw. That’s why they love for their clients to attend them. If you find out about open houses in your neighborhood, there is a great chance you will find a home you like – and maybe even buy. Look for an open house – or two – and go keep your subscribers up to date so if a house pops up that they are interested in... they can reach out right away!

    These days, homeowners are getting filled up with invitations to open houses all the time so don't miss out on an opportunity to provide a great resource of open houses in your area. 

    14. Don't Forget Your Listings

    The goal of this strategy is pretty simple... to increase the visibility of your listings, which in turn leads to more interest, more site views and hopefully more sales. Much like self-promotion, you never want to forget to highlight your own listings!

    Listings are the core part of your real estate business. Your listings get clients, your listings get sold. Thus if you don't take care of them they will wither and die on the vine. There is a secret to success with these precious little suckers though. You must tell your clients about them!

    15. Neighborhood Attractions

    If your clients are moving to a new area, you may want to tell them about the neighborhood’s attractions. There is a lot of information out there about these attractions. But how do you decide what is the best local attraction for each client? Each neighborhood has its own individual vibe, and knowing what that vibe is can help you to recommend activities which match your client’s personality.

    In most touristy neighborhoods, visitors usually ask the same question: “What are some fun things I can do in this area?” So, they may wonder if there are cool spots they could check out. In addition, they may like to know where to grab a quick bite to eat or where to shop. If you think about it, highlighting local neighborhood attractions will help you be the local expert!

    16. Build or Buy?

    To Build or Buy? This is often one of the biggest questions people ask themselves when they are house hunting…especially buyers.

    Buying or building a new home has a lot of advantages. Are you going to bring up that old commercial from the 70s that says "build it yourself and save a lot of money"? Or are you going to answer the question "Build, or Buy?" with facts?

    Transform good clients into great clients by helping them separate their thoughts about building vs buying their home.

    17. Have Your Clients Write For You

    Your clients are the best source of content when it comes to promoting you as a realtor. You have spent time with them in their home, gotten to know them, heard about their family life, their business, and also gotten referrals from them in the past by being great at what you do.

    Have your clients write about their experience with you as their realtor for  your own blog. You will create a number of stories to tell prospective clients about your success helping others achieve the same thing, the stories are there for you...now you need to share them!!

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