• Agent Lead Relief Program

    Manage your business through COVID-19

  • This is an important update to everyone in our network.

    We have been in talks for the past week with our advertising partners regarding the current state of the economy and what the real estate industry is shaping up like in the shadow of the COVID-19 crisis. Due to massive shutdowns and recent social distancing we have worked with our partners to provide a relief program to generate leads to agents in these uncertain times.

    We know that your business may be experiencing disruptions resulting from the global outbreak of COVID-19. We’ve know that a little support can go a long way. We are offering 5,000 agents Ad Credits to help during this challenging time.
    We are offering $200 AD Credits per zip code per month to generate leads for the next 60 days. There is no obligation or commitment to continue with us after the program period. To qualify you just need an active Facebook Business Page and not currently running ads.
    Our goal is to show you value and provide relief during this market shift while social media is spiking and social distancing is doing your part to flatten the curve of the disease spreading.

  • How It Works

    Generate leads while we cover your budget.


    Choose Zips

    You can reserve up to 5 zip codes to generate leads from for $99 per zip code. We are providing a $200 per month Ad Credit in each zip code. That's $400 in ad budget over 60 days for free.


    Schedule Intake

    We will schedule a call to get your campaign setup immediately and apply the credits to your account. Please limit your exposure to 5 zip codes to leave room for other agents.


    Call Leads

    Once we have set up your ads we will setup all leads to go to your CRM, email or text. Please call these leads as they will only be going to you. We will create the ads and manage them for you.


    Share Program

    Please share this program with your Broker, office, other agent or lenders who may need relief to generate leads while times are uncertain as we navigate the market.

  • How the program can help

    Questions & Answers

    Who is eligible?

    Any real estate agent who is currently licensed, has a Facebook business page and can actively participate with the consumer.

    I applied & haven't been contacted

    We have received thousands of requests in a very short amount of time. We are moving swiftly to contact each agent and get their ads setup and credits applied.

    Is there any commitment?

    There is no commitment to continue to do business with us after the program period. We hope that we have impacted your business in a positive way and we can discuss that at that time.

    Why is it limited to 5 zip codes?

    We want to be able to provide this program to as many agents who need a way to generate leads without increasing costs over the next 60 days. We have allotted so many Ad Credits per client.

    What Do I Pay?

    You just pay the one-time setup fee of $99 for each zip code you want. The Social Agent will cover the cost of the advertising for 2 months. it coverts to a month-to-month subscription in month 3.

    I don't have a Facebook Page

    In order to move promptly and get you setup we require that you have a Facebook business page setup. You can do with just a few minutes.

    Can my whole team apply?

    Yes, we encourage to share this program and let as many agents and brokers know of this resources as things may get a little tough in the weeks to come.

    How the program can help?

    • Keeping Agent's Pipelines Full
    • Cover Advertising Expenses
    • Connect With More Buyers & Sellers Digitally

    What if I want more than the Credit?

    We understand the needs of each agent. That's why we are allowing up to 5 zip codes per agent. However, the Ad Credit per zip code is a set limit. After the program period we can discuss a permanent campaign.

    Is there a transaction fee?

    There are zero transaction fees for converted leads. Our goal is to provide a simple and effective solution to help agents immediately.

    How many agents will get leads.

    We will only send the leads to one agent. Our goal is that you can get leads quickly and convert them to stay afloat in these difficult times.

    Where will the ads show up?

    Our efforts for each agent is to generate as many leads as possible for the next 60 days. The best placement in each zip code will be assessed across Facebook, Instagram & its Audience Network.

    How much exposure do I get?

    We have optimized this program to get you the most exposure possible in the next 60 days. Our intentions are to get you in front of 10,000 home buyers and shoppers as quickly as possible to generate interest around your brand.

    Why are you doing this?

    Our mission has always been for us and our clients to Reach More. We are hoping we can do our part and provide temporary relief to lead generation when its important to double down on those efforts in these uncertain times and future.

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