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    Social Media Content Marketing Is Now Available From The Social Agent In Your Market.

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    First, you just choose a plan that fits your business needs from the options listed below. You’ll learn a bit more about that plan and then be brought to our secure billing page which will allow you to lock in your monthly plan. Check your inbox right away for your Getting Started email.



    Next, you’ll be sent an easy setup questionnaire which will give you a chance to tell us all about your personal brand, your ideal clients, target areas and any other important details that you’d like highlighted in your daily posting.



    After you submit your setup questionnaire, our content specialists will take over from there and immediately get to work to have you up-and-running in a matter of 7 days or less posting your unique content to highlight you as the most cutting-edge and informative agent in your area.

  • The Social Daily Plans

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    The Daily Post - $299/mo

    2 Time Per Week Content Posting






    The Daily Extra - $549/mo

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest

    The Daily Journal - $899/mo

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin & Blog

    Twice daily posting to Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin.

    Plus twice weekly to Instagram & 1 Monthly Blog Post.

  • The Daily Press - $1499/mo

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    Kudos from a few of The Social Agents that we love

    "They have been handling all of my social media accounts simultaneously. Excellent service at an incredible price. If you are looking to gain credibility on the internet, look no further. I am able to spend more time with my customers instead of at the computer. I have referred them to many friends and will continue to do so."

    Matt P. - Saddle Rock, NJ

    “I wanted to let you know that I love everything that has been posted to my accounts so far! You guys really have helped me out a lot and save me so much time in my weekly schedule! Thank you!”

    Julie W. - Santa Rosa, CA

    “So far I have been completely happy with your social media services. It has taken a lot off my plate for a reasonable price. Taking these little tasks off my plate has added valuable free time to create better content that allows me to share more meaningfully when I actually want to rather than scrambling to force it out every day.”
    Paul F. – Oak Brook, IL

  • FAQ's

    Will I be able to edit my content and post to my own page when I would like to do so?​

    Yes, of course! They are your profiles and you can be involved as much or as little as you’d like. You will also have full access and control over your monthly generated posting calendar so that you can make any edits to posts whenever you would like to do so.


    You’ll also always be able to just post your own unique content from your own business page at any time if you feel the need to do so.


    Do I have to sign any long-term contracts?

    No! We don’t believe in the same practices that some of our competitors do. With The Social Daily we believe in earning your business month after month, so you’ll never be asked to sign any 6 or 12 month agreements.


    You may cancel at any time that you’d like, but again, we are very confident that you’ll absolutely love our service and want to use The Social Daily as your go-to social media management tool for the rest of your career!


    How do you know what posts are most engaging & important for my real estate clients? ​

    Once you submit sign-up and billing info, you will immediately receive a fun and easy-to-use questionnaire telling us everything about everything from the tone you’d like to use (Professional, Funny, Informative, Light-Hearted, etc.) to who you are as a person and an agent. There are a few other relevant questions such as target markets, holidays that you’d like to highlight, local sports teams and much more to submit to our content specialist team.


    Your content specialist will then begin researching your local market, competitors and target audiences which allows us to narrow down the best possible posts at the best times on all of your social pages.


    Who will be handling my content posting on all of my social media sites?

    At the Social Agent, we employ several well-trained, dedicated Content Specialists who will be directly responsible for finding unique and relevant content to post to all of your social networks on a daily basis. Our Content Specialists are experts in their field and they actually spend hours and hours each day scouring the web, searching for local events and content to post to your accounts each day. Their simple goal is to engage with your target audience the way you would if you had the 90-120 mins per day to do it on your own. We’re extremely proud of the work we do for all of our clients, and it shows in everything we do.


    Are my content specialists local?

    All content specialists are locally based in the United States and we never outsource to other countries for any of our social media posting. With your specific answers during your setup process, our specialists will be able to localize all of your content on a daily basis to make sure that you are showing up as the most cutting-edge and informative agents in your area.


    How Important Is Social Media?

    Currently, there are 7-8 million movers per month on Facebook, Instagram and its Audience Network. We help you to become The Social Agent to market on Facebook and Instagram in your local area.


    Why Do You Do This?

    Because being an agent is hard work and we want agents to be listing every home in their market to serve their clients. We think if we can make it simple, its more fun.


    What If I Want to Cancel or Pause?

    Simply send a support ticket to our help desk prior to your next billing date with your change or cancellation notice.



    What if I have specific listings or listing specials for potential clients that I’d like to promote?​

    No problem at all! Just send us a quick email to support@thesocialagent.com with what you’d like to specifically share for you and we’ll pass it directly along to your assigned Content Specialist to get to work on it right away that same day.


    Our friendly support team is also always available to make sure that your requests are always handled just right. You can email your specific instructions for any upcoming specials or listing promotions to either bill@thesocialagent.com or support@thesocialagent.com and we’ll be sure to implement your request on the same business day.


    What if I don’t have any of the Social Media Profiles needed for content posting?

    Don’t worry, be happy! We’ll show you how to create those at no extra cost or we can do it for small fee. We’re happy to help any agents who are new to social media and recommend that you start with The Social Daily to make sure that you not only have every page needed, but that you’re getting great traction and results from all of your new pages.


    How will I know if my daily posting is effective or gaining traction in my target markets?

    We give you full access to your “Agent Posting Portal” which not only shows your unique positing calendar, but also several deep-diving reporting tools that give you every piece of info possible when it comes to the effectiveness of each post. We’ll go as far as to show you what times were most effective along with amazing comparisons between all of your social media profiles and which profile is getting the most “likes” or “shares” on a daily basis.


    Any other questions that we didn’t answer here? Please feel free to email Bobby Miller at bobby@thesocialagent.com. Thank you!


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