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    Agent & Lender Co-Branded Advertising on Facebook & Instagram


    Read below for information on co-marketing with The Social Agent. Sharing advertising costs between agents and lenders provides the best customer experience for consumers when done correctly. Agents can promote their lenders on their Facebook & Instagram ads by co-branding their lenders on their listing ads.


    Program Details:

    • Agent owns the exclusive market share of a zip code for Facebook & Instagram advertising with The Social Agent.
    • Agent and Lender share the overall exposure of the advertising with a 50/50 pro-rata share.
    • Agent and Lender are co-branded with a contact card on the advertisement showing the 50/50 share of the space.
    • The agent specifies the dollar amount they would like each lender to contribute. An agent can have 50 percent of their advertising costs shared by their lender. The relationship between the agent and the lender is strictly limited to a co-marketing arrangement under which the lender pays The Social Agent to appear in advertising alongside the agent. 
    • Under this setup, lenders may not refer business to agents and agents may not refer business to lenders. This restriction does not apply to referrals by agents and lenders that are completely separate from The Social Agent advertising.
    • Agent and Lender co-marketing is for real estate and mortgage professionals who want to share advertising costs. By sharing these costs, agents and lenders can get more exposure together than by themselves and increase their return on investment. 
    • Typically, the agents and lenders who share costs already have an established professional relationship. We provide these professionals with an easy method to brand themselves together on Facebook & Instagram.
    • Agents can have one lender co-branded with them per zip code.
    • A lender who co-markets with an agent will appear side by side on the contact card of the Agent’s advertisement.
    • The lender pays for their share of the advertising costs. If they discontinue their portion of the ad cost sharing, the lender's portion of the exposure will stop and the contact card will be removed.
    • The lender receipt will show the pro-rata share of the total impressions of the campaign and the agent and lender share.

    For additional questions regarding the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) please refer to the latest NAR guidelines.


    Program Guidelines

    • Agent must own The Exclusive Market License for the zip codes they are advertising in.
    • Lenders and Agents are only sharing the cost of the actual exposure.
    • Advertising costs must be shared equally.
    • Agent and Lender will be co-branded equally on the agent's listing ad.
    • Agent should provide the lender access to the consumer inquiries.
    • Only one lender can co-market with one agent per zip code.
    • All other Terms of Service precede this policy.
  • How It Works

    Easy Setup


    Purchase Zips

    Agent Signs up for their exclusive zip codes


    Choose Budget

    Agent and Lender decide on the overall ad budget.


    Ad Creation

    Provide the assets to create the co-branded contact card



    Advertising Together on Facebook & Instagram

  • Sample Co-Marketing Ad

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