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Why is Social Media Advertising Important for Real Estate Agents?

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The real estate industry is competitive, and you have to be too if you want to succeed. Lead generation is an imperative part of helping you succeed. If you want to generate leads that will turn into sales, you have to go where the consumers are. These days, everyone is on their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. There are close to four billion social media users; a good percentage turn to social media to look for their next home. Of course, there are other ways to generate leads, and a wise real estate agent uses all of them to garner as many leads as possible.

Getting leads on social media

 users fall into the perfect demographic for real estate agents.

  • House hunters turn to 

Instagram to see photos of homes for sale in their area.

 is an excellent place to network with other realtors who can send leads your way.

Types of leads on social media

  • Ready-to-buy leads visit with the intention to shop for a home. Your presence on social media has attracted them, and they are there to see what you have to offer. This is where your social media skills come into play; if you can't keep them interested, they may move on to the next Realtor.
  • Passive leads may not be ready to buy yet, but you still piqued their curiosity. While they may not buy now, they will retain the information they received.
  • Some social media leads have zero interest in buying a home now or in the future, but they will share your information with others. Social media sharing is a way to reach leads you may not reach otherwise.

Word of mouth

Word of mouth has always been a way for good realtors to get clients. When you do a superior job and go the extra mile for clients, they appreciate and are willing to tell others. Consumers who enjoy a pleasant real estate experience want to spread the word and help others experience the same.

Open houses

An open house isn't just about selling one house; it's about getting leads so you can sell many houses. Some attend to see the inventory that is out there because they are going to sell their home. A great open house is something they'll remember when it's time to sell.

Leads can mean the difference between struggling through the month and having enough business to keep you going. Use every available avenue to get the leads. Never underestimate the importance of social media's role in propelling your business forward; host open houses often and treat each client like they are your most important one.

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