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Why is Social Media Advertising Important for Real Estate Agents?

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Technological advancements have changed the way business is conducted for most businesses, including real estate agents. Gone are the days of sending out direct mail cards, handing out business cards, and posting ads in the local paper. These days, your potential clients are plugged into devices that offer them instant information. If you're not using social media to advertise, you're missing out on clients who look to social media to find everything from food to homes. 

Target audience

As a realtor, you must reach your target audience; your target audience are those looking to make moves and buy a home. Youngish professionals looking for a first home, growing families who need a larger home, and empty-nesters looking to downsize are the people who are likely to use your services. The easiest way to reach those in the above age groups is through Facebook.

While you may have heard that kids have moved on from Facebook, parents and grandparents have not; they use Facebook to keep up with family and friends, connect with favorite brands, and shop for information. This includes looking for new homes.

Don't be left behind

  • Close to 80% of realtors advertise on social media.
  • Even those who may not be interested in a home take the time to look at homes listed on social media, especially if they have pictures. Social media users love to share, so even someone who is not looking for a home will share your information with someone who is.
  • Social mediaEEducE advertising is a cost-effective option. Agents get a greater return on their investment, with a lower price point than print advertising.

Photos capture attention

Instagram is a favorite among potential home buyers because of the photos. Use social media to post photographs of the homes you are listing and you'll quickly capture the attention of buyers. Beautiful photos are one of the best ways to garner interest in a property. Studies show that potential buyers check social media sites multiple times per day looking for properties.

Competition is fierce in the real estate market. Get your share of buyers and sellers by using social media to your advantage. When you want to reach the most consumers, you have to go where they are; they are on social media. Don't be left behind. Advertise on social media and watch your client base increase.

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