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Who's Who on Facebook in 2018 

Facebook, it's kind of a big deal. Everyone seems to be on it or at least talking about it. But who exactly is on it? And why is that helpful to you, a real estate agent? We'll break down exactly who's who on Facebook in 2018 and explain why this is important for the real estate industry. 

Eighty-three percent of Facebook users worldwide are under the age 45. This is important for you because the average age of first-time homebuyers is 32. That means that your potential new clients are hanging out on Facebook, and not just for the memes, but to do research on properties for sale, information on the home buying process, and more. 

Facebook has 1.32 billion active daily users and is still the most used social media platform. So why aren't you using it? Of course you're not going to reach all 1.32 billion active daily users each day, but you will reach more people than you would by running an ad in the newspaper. 

Fifty-three percent of Americans use Facebook "several times a day." If you aren't on Facebook sharing your open houses, new listings, and blogs, chances are you're missing a huge chunk of people looking for exactly what you're offering. 

And finally... 

Facebook is considered the "most important" social platform for marketers with 62 percent choosing it over any other platform. When you market you business, your need to be using Facebook. 

These numbers don't lie. Facebook is important and necessary to help you become an even more successful real estate agent. We know it can be overwhelming though, so let The Social Agent help! We'll take care of all the social media stuff so you can focus on nurturing leads and selling those houses! 

*All statistics taken from and were updated February 5, 2018. 

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