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Videos: Why You NEED Them in Your Advertising Strategy

Videos are taking the marketing world by storm! Most platforms now allow videos and have even prioritized them above other content (looking at you, Facebook!). So, should you be using videos? The short answer is YES! If you need more information and evidence that videos really are something you need to incorporate, keep reading!

Videos Boost Click Through Rates on Email

If you're sending out monthly newsletters but aren't seeing very high CTR's (click through rates) than you should consider sprucing up those emails with a video. Tour a neighborhood coffee shop that is a resident favorite, take a video of a house you're listing, or simply give a quick real estate market trends update! Any type of video will encourage people to open and click around in your email more than ever before.

People Are More Likely to Pay Attention to and Engage With Videos

Did you know that people are 10 times more likely to engage with, share, and comment on videos than any other form of media? This earns them the HIGHEST engagement rates on Facebook. If people are sharing your videos that means you and your business are getting in front of more people than your competition!

Videos Create Emotional Connections 

Being a real estate agent is partly about being able to connect with someone on a personal level. You are selling their childhood home or helping them find their dream home, after all! If you want to create even stronger connections to potential clients, videos are the way to go. When your viewers are able to see facial expression and hear the tone of voice, a personal connection is built.

If you're still wondering if you should be using videos, the answer is still yes. They are important to anyone's advertising strategy because they boost click through rates, earn higher engagement, and help create emotional connections!

Do you need help creating advertisements for your real estate business? The Social Agent is here to help! 

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