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If you aren’t marketing for your real estate business through social media, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to build credibility and generate leads. Maybe you already started marketing your real estate business but it hasn’t gotten you anywhere just yet or maybe you know it’s important but you don’t even know where to start. Here you’ll find the ultimate guide on how to grow your social media following for real estate.

  1. Content drives everything.

Not only do we live in a digital world but we live in a world that is consumed by content. How are you going to get noticed online when everyone else is already sharing more content to the feed? You have to keep up and share content, too. Now, there’s a big difference between content and spamming your followers. Every piece of content that you put out to the digital world should bring value to your audience and showcase why they should choose you as their real estate agent/broker.

Here are some ideas that you could share with your followers:

  • Client testimonials

  • Inside scoops on homes for sale

  • Tips for homebuyers

  • Industry-relevant content from other publications online (E.g. Realtor)

  • Success stories

  • Your lifestyle as an agent

  • Take advantage of the different growth hacks within each platform.

Now that you know you have to be pushing out all this content, it’s important to optimize it once it’s actually out there. Each platform is different. If every platform served the same purpose, we’d only have one platform. It’s important to add variety to your content when executing it on a different social media platform.

Here are some growth hacks for a few of the most popular social media platforms:

  • Facebook: First of all, make sure your Facebook page is set up as a business page. (All of your social media platforms for real estate should be set up this way). If you want people to pay you for a service than you have to be professional. Don’t use your personal platforms for business. When you share content to Facebook, make sure you take advantage of the boost-post feature. Spending a small budget per day to get your post seen by the right group of people is a smart, minimal investment that will grow your following exponentially.

  • Instagram: Instagram is all about the image or graphic you decide to post. People use this platform for that reason so make sure you are posting quality, attractive images each and every time. Also, take advantage of Instagram’s hashtag algorithm. Research which hashtags relating to your industry are trending and use them in every post. If you really want to start increasing your following, engage with your current followers and start following a hashtag that people are using and comment on other people’s posts. You’ll be shocked at how much your followers will increase.

  • Linkedin: Did you know that there are 9 billion content impressions in the Linkedin feed every week? Yet, only 3 million users share content weekly. (Hello, Jack Pot!) If you want to be heard, share your content to Linkedin. Take advantage of the “write an article” feature so that you can start appearing in the search engines on the backend. Linkedin is also for professionals so you’re going to have to speak with that tone in mind when using this platform. Also, use hashtags to appear in the backend of searches as well.

Remember- it’s a long-term play. Stay consistent.

Last but certainly not least- you have to stay consistent. Growing a following on social media is all about keeping up. You can’t expect to grow if you don’t take the time to be present with the process. If you take a course but never show up to class or read the textbook, you’re probably not going to perform as highly as you could. Social media works the same way.

Here are some tips to help you REMAIN consistent (cause that’s ultimately the hardest part):

  • Create an editorial calendar each month
    Set aside the time at the end of every month to plan out next month. Create post ideas, mark your events, research and save articles that you like for future posts ideas.

  • Create your posts in advance:
    Don’t wait to remember to post the day-of. You won’t do it and then you won’t remain consistent. If you can knock out all your posts before the month starts, that’s ideal. If that’s a little far-fetched to your schedule, plan a week in advance so you always have one week of content ready to go.

  • Use a scheduling platform:
    Once that content is ready in advance, why not just go ahead and schedule it out in advance? Facebook business manager has its own publishing tool for free but what about Instagram or Linkedin? For free, you can use a scheduling provider like Hootsuite or Buffer. This gives you the ease of knowing your posts are already done before the days, week or even MONTH have even started!

These are just a few of the many ways to grow your social media following. This guide will help you get the reach you have been searching for! Happy following!

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