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The "All-Inclusive" RE Transaction: What Does This Mean For Agents?

The real estate industry is continuing to evolve the more technology expands. We’ve discussed different techniques and marketing practices that agents can implement through social media and digital advertising to grow their real estate business, but there’s a new shift in the industry, and this one isn’t looking very promising for the agent.

The “i-buyer” mentalityThe industry is taking a shift to this “i-buyer” mentality. This term refers to the opportunity for buyers and sellers to use the internet rather than an agent as their full transactional course of their real estate. This “all-inclusive” real estate transaction is positioning itself as a more efficient and simple process for buying and selling. It’s vital that agents become aware of the shifts happening in the industry, and do their part to showcase the truth going forward which is: using an agent is always better.

See the shift

Zillow has spent years being the largest advertising platform for the individual agent, and with the launch of their program called Zillow Offers, they are cutting the agent out completely. Essentially, Zillow Offers is becoming a brokerage and working as a new home-buying program. Similar to Open Door, Zillow Offers is Zillow’s instant offer platform where they can buy property directly, taking over the entire real estate transaction process.

What does this mean for agents? 

It means that there’s a wholenewlevel of competition on the playing field, and it’s time to start truly showcasing your value, like yesterday. Some buyers and sellers will always know the value in using an agent, but for the tech-forward generations, it’s time to bring your best self to the arena. Here are three things you can start doing to market yourself better:

Get social.Reference our previous blog, The Ultimate Guide to Growing Your Social Media Following to learn how to actually implement this step, but it’s essential that you start showing up online. Your future in real estate depends on your ability to evolve with the industry, so that entails that you start using social media as a lead source. If you don’t know where to start and social media isn’t your thing, check out the different social plans that can be purchased through The Social Agent. You focus on selling real estate, we’ll focus on selling you on social. 

Constantly fill your network.An obvious, expected tool that all agents know to implement, but networking has never been made easier. Make sure you’re using your social platforms, email campaigns, websites, etc. has a funnel to constantly gain newprospects. Look up events in your area and always ask for referrals from happy, previous clients. 

Start advertising online. As we mentioned, Zillow has been the leading advertising platform for agents for many years. Luckily, there are other platforms out there that can help you market yourself through advertising, and for a much more affordable price. The Social Agent can offer you exclusive advertising within your chosen zip code(s). We offer advertising for a fraction of the cost on the most popular social media platforms to date. Learn more about hiring The Social Agent today. After all, using an agent is always better.

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