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Shift your focus from "Selling yourself" to "Marketing yourself"

Agents are hungry for sales, but the real estate industry is shifting more from transactional to relational. What does that mean for agents? It means that branding is your new appetite. 

Instead of just paying for referrals from Zillow or Trulia, just like all your competitors, you can start showing up as the coach by implementing your own personal branding. Many people think that selling and marketing are synonymous; they’re not. It is true that when you know how to properly implement marketing, you will generate sales. We all know what happens when you just focus on sales; you most likely will go through dry spells, and nobody wants that for their business. 

Why does your personal brand matter? 

Your personal brand matters because it shows your human. Spoiler alert: humans (your ideal client) like working with other humans (you!) so tell us again, why you aren’t showing up as the person that your prospect would want to work with? 

Here are some tips to help you discover your personal brand: 

1. Figure out the value that sets you apart from other agents. 
This is easy. Your value is your personality. Why would someone want to work with you over an agent that is just as competent? Because they are connected with you, more. This is where your personal branding is worth far more than those referrals from Zillow.
A helpful way to find out your value is to think of the things that most agents don’t do that you make a point to do. Also, ask the people close to you or former clients why they would choose to work with you; something so simple that may just come naturally to you could be the thing that sets you apart to someone else.

2. Be the local agent in your zip code. 
You need to be the most popular agent in your town. How do you become this? You get to know everything there is to know about your location. You visit the local shops, you interview the mom-and-pop shop that’s been rooted downtown for over 50 years, you listen to the people in your area and then, you build a brand around what they like.

3. Keep showing up to your audience. 
Last but not least, marketing is a long-term play. If you’re in real estate, you’re programmed to expect instant gratification. Well, it’s time to be patient; you are now in the relationship-building business. The best tip of advice we can give to you is to remember that what might not feel like a lead is a lead. When you continue to show up, people start to resonate you with buying or selling their home, and you’ll be the one to call when it’s time to make that decision. 

Being a memorable real estate agent is what you want, isn’t it? Go show the world what you’re about! 
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