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Instagram for Real Estate Agents 

Even though Facebook has had some issues lately, it's still relatively popular among all generations. Yes, this is a good thing. However, if you want to boost your marketing efforts, you need to take advantage of more than just Facebook. Instagram is considered a powerhouse social media network and is expected to hit its one billion user mark this year. Don't be intimidated by Instagram though, we can help you master it in a handful of simple steps!

Step 1. Create Your Profile 

To do this, you'll need a profile picture, an account name, a username, website link, and a bio. Use your business logo as your profile picture, your company name as your account name AND username (you may have to play around with adding punctuation or numbers to find a username that isn't already taken. Your website should be a clickable link to your website and your bio needs to capture people's attention.

Step 2. Build Your Community 

You might see Instagram profiles that have thousands of followers. Don't be intimidated, those accounts started with one follower, just like you. Plus, you do not need a giant following. Start small and engage with other accounts. Seek out niche communities using specific hashtags and ask your current customers, colleagues, friends and family to follow you on Instagram, as well.

Step 3. Post Content That Will Tell A Story 

Whether your goal is to be an inspirational profile or to generate more leads, make sure your content reflects this and tells your story. The most successful brands on Instagram use the platform to tell personal and professional stories through their images, videos and captions.

Step 4. Engage With People 

When someone comments on your post, reply! If you see a post you like, comment on it. Follow others and they will follow you back. Engagement is the easiest and best way to grow your following organically. It also builds a sense of trust within your community.

Step 5. Instagram Ads 

Like Facebook, Instagram also has a paid ads feature. The difference though is that Instagram is one of the top social networks for user engagement. With the proper budget, you can create videos, traditional posts, or even stories to not only reach your potential clients but engage with them as well.

Following these simple steps will help you master Instagram for your business. If you don't have a profile already, set that up asap. Next, build your community, tell a story with your content, engage with other users, and– if you're up for it– try your hand at Instagram Ads. If this is all sounding a little too daunting and your head is spinning, check out how The Social Agent can help optimize your profile for maximum success!

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