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How to Get More Real Estate Leads with Facebook Messenger

You already know that people are using social media more than ever before to find everything they need from the nearest grocery store to the house they want to buy. Not only are they using social media, but they are also using their mobile devices as their primary tool. So how are you, a real estate agent, supposed to keep up with the constantly evolving habits of your leads? The answer is a Facebook Messenger Bot, which some are saying is the next big thing in the world of marketing and advertising.

Keep reading for the low down on Facebook Messenger Bots and how they can help you generate more leads. 

First of all, a Bot is software that automates a task. In this case, it automatically responds to Facebook messages from potential leads. These Bots are considered the next big thing because people are more likely to respond to a direct message versus a banner ad or even a post. On top of that, the Facebook Messenger app is easily accessible on a mobile phone which is very important because mobile messaging should be a primary communication channel to send relevant information.

Bots will give you an increase in subscribers, boost your engagement numbers, and make your presence on Facebook more interactive than ever before. Compared to emails, Facebook Messenger sees 619 percent more engagement! On top of that, people like instant messaging apps more than email because a conversation via Messenger is less formal than an email. Emails can come across like you are talking at someone instead of having a conversation with them. The short, conversational style of Facebook Messenger makes people feel you are talking with them. As a real estate agent, this is a great way to create rapport with and charm potential clients.

If you are scratching your head and wondering how in the world you are supposed to set up a Bot, The Social Agent has you covered. We've created the perfect Real Estate Bot called Andi. She is a custom Chat Bot and your very own personal assistant. Andi makes it possible to respond to potential leads whenever they reach out, whether you're showing a house, on a call, or are asleep, she is working. She will respond to all messages, schedule follow ups, increase your conversion rates, and much more!

Having a Bot like Andi will save you time and give you a leg up from your competition. You can learn more HERE. If you are struggling to manage your social media pages while running your successful real estate business, contact The Social Agent. We will focus on social media so you can focus on selling houses! 

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