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Home Improvements That Pay Off 

When selling a house, it can be tempting to just get it done with. Sell it as is and take what you can get for it. However, there are some home improvements that you can do that are worth the money and will yield a higher return on investment. Keep reading to see what some of these improvements are! 

1. Small Bathroom Updates 

Yes, we know this sounds daunting, but it doesn't have to be. It can be as simple as re-caulking your bathtub, removing dated wall coverings, and adding a coat of fresh paint. You'll get bonus points (err, more money) if you get rid of shower doors and add a shower curtain instead. 

2. Exterior Improvements 

Did you know that one gallon of paint covers 400 sq. ft. of house? So yes, if your house needs a fresh coat of paint, you should do it. Fresh paint will spruce up the house and make it look fresh and clean. You can give your front entry a dose of charm by adding a pergola and columns. Add some rocking chairs and nice flowers and your house will sell in no time! 

3. Living Room Updates 

When showing your home, you want it to look its absolute best. Spending some money on your living room decorations can go a long way. Updating light switches, adding crown molding and drapes can make your living room (and house) look more inviting. 

4. Landscape 

While it might be a pain, updating the landscape around your house will pay off. Sodding your grass so it looks fresh and supple and adding some flowers will make your house look inviting and put together. According to HGTV, "A charming focal point like a walkway and fountain adds major value to your property. Roll a sealant on flagstones for a permanent wet look that enhances the color." 

5. Bedroom Updates 

Updating light fixtures in bedrooms will have a great pay off. Adding a modern chandelier in the master will give it a romantic and thoughtful feel. Update window treatments to fit the scale of the room and, if you're feeling ambitious, remove dusty old carpets and sand wood floors (if you have them). The wood flooring will speak for itself! 

Spending time and money on a house you're trying to sell can seem futile, but doing simple updates like the ones listed above can help your house sell for more. Show your house in its best light and you'll be able to sell it and move into your dream home quicker! 

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