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Five Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Manage Your Facebook Ad Spend

Being a real estate agent is time consuming. Between selling houses, helping clients find houses, planning open houses, and acquiring new leads, there isn’t time left for much else. When you throw managing your Facebook Ads into the mix, it can get downright overwhelming. You still want to have a life outside of work! If you think you can manage your real estate business AND your Facebook Ad spend, ask yourself these five questions below. If you can answer them, congratulations! If not, you should consider hiring an agency to manage your ads for you.

1. Do you have enough time to manage your posts, ads, messages, AND keep doing what you were already doing?

Social Media is needy. Millions of people are up at all hours of the day commenting, liking, and posting. Just staying on top of those can be hectic, especially when you’re busy selling houses all day! Managing ad spend seems like it’d be easy, but before you know it, you’ve spent $1,000 on an ad that hasn’t reached your target audience…

2. How will you measure your ad spend performance and track your results?

Social Media for business is all about goals and analytics. You have to know what your end goal is and how you will achieve this. Then you can measure what’s working and what isn’t. Not knowing where to find this information can be a huge waste of time and money and be detrimental to the success of your Facebook Ads.

3. Is your customer avatar and audience outlined and defined?

Who do you want to see your ads? People physically near you? A lookalike audience that’s similar to people who follow you? People who have visited your website? A specific age, gender, or set of interests? You have to know exactly who you’re advertising to in order to create ads on Facebook.

4. What kind of ads are best for your business and goals?

This is your advertising objective, and it's what you want people to do when they see your ads. Facebook offers 3 categories to choose from; Awareness, Consideration and Conversion. All have different results to help you reach your specific business goals.

5. How will you create ad copy and graphics for your paid ads?

Where are you going to get the images and copy for your ads? If you have a graphic designer on staff, they can certainly help, but they might not be completely up-to-date on the strict advertising policies Facebook has regarding the use of text in your images. Getting everything you need added to your image might make it difficult to read, or worse, not approved at all!

These questions, whether you could answer a few of them or not, are questions that we at The Social Agent know the answers to. Not just the simple answers, but the long and technical answers. We know how needy Social Media is but we know how to manage it, we know how to measure performance and track results, we know exactly the type of audience you’re looking for and the perfect ads to show them, and we can create unique and eye-catching graphics and copy so your ads stand out.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for The Social Agent today so we can get you more leads and you can keep doing what you do best, selling those houses!

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