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Facebook's Real Estate Strategy Explained

Facebook might not be the first place you think of to advertise your real estate listings. Real estate agents are, statistically, twice as likely to advertise their listings on a listing portal instead of social media. However, did you know that Facebook has taken multiple steps to make advertising listings on the platform easier.

First off, you may have noticed the "Property" section of the Facebook Marketplace. This feature allows mobile users the ability to narrow down rental properties by type, location, number of bedrooms, pet friendliness, and more.

Property Rentals on Facebook Marketplace

Property Rentals on Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has also introduced Dynamic Ads for real estate agents. With these ads, you can create a listing catalogue that advertises homes, land, condos, etc. for sale. Each item you add to your catalogue will have enough information to create customized ads. The great things about these catalogues is that you can constantly update and add listings as needed. 

In our opinion, it is just a matter of time before Facebook makes it even easier and more efficient to promote listings on their platform. Yes, they want to promote groups and community, but what better way to do that than help people find and build their community through real estate?! 

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