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Engage With and Grow Your Audience, Organically! 

The ongoing changes and shifts with Facebook seem to have everyone on edge. From the algorithm change to the everything else, Sure, all the changes are supposed to make the platform more secure, but marketers and business owners everywhere are feeling like there's no point in trying to grow organically when you can't possibly reach the audiences you used to, especially without a generous ad budget. Don't throw in the towel just yet though, there are still ways that you can grow organically. All you have to do is ENGAGE with your audience! 

Make Quality Connections

A study conducted by Sprout shows that 30 percent of Millennials will interact with a brand on social media on a monthly basis meaning you need to be responding to and connecting with this group of people. The same study points out that different generations have different interests in social media. For example, Millennials follow for entertainment and information, Gen X follows for contests, and Baby Boomers follow for both. In order to make quality connections, you need to be posting for and interacting with your target audience. 


After you make these quality and meaningful connections on your social media pages, it's time to listen! People can be having conversations about real estate, and if you're listening, you can join in on these threads! Going beyond notifications and tracking and responding to conversations can improve customer experience. 


Once you have started listening to and tracking conversations, start talking with your followers. Just make sure to keep the lines of communication open. Reply to customer's comments, even if it's a brief message! This not only helps build a relationship, it also helps you reach more people. On Facebook, you can set up a custom chatbot to make sure no message goes unanswered. 

Build A Community

The more you engage with your followers and clients, you learn more about them and they learn more about you! As you grow closer, create ways for your community to feel welcome by creating campaigns that foster participation and loyalty to you and your real estate business! 

Go BTS (Behind the Scenes) 

Show your community how things are done. Have an open house coming up? Use Instagram Stories to provide more to your followers. People love seeing how things are done, all you have to do is show them! 

Quality Content

Continue to create quality content that you know your followers will enjoy seeing. "How To" videos are fun to watch and viewers will learn something about what you do. These videos could be as simple as how to decorate your home for Autumn! You can also promote user generated content by doing giveaways and hosting contests (The better the prize, the better the engagement rates!).

Not all businesses have the ad spend to promote ever single post. Even if you do have the budget, engaging with your customers will build a type of loyalty that can't be beat! The key to growing organically is to make sure you're engaging with your customers by making quality connections, listening, responding, building a community, going behind the scenes, and providing customers with quality content.  

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