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Drone + Instagram: A Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Competition comes with being a real estate agent. Technology and connection are continuing to advance. Many agents are finding ways to leverage this; whereas, others are allowing it to defeat them.

We’ve discussed the importance of paid advertising on the most popular social media platforms and the best marketing practices you can organically do on each, but there’s a new match made in marketing heaven. This blog post is dedicated to one powerful and epic marketing tip for agents: Drones + Instagram.

Why should I have an Instagram account for my real estate business?

The real question is why wouldn’t you have an Instagram account for your real estate business? Instagram is a direct opportunity to showcase the ambiance of prime real estate.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin all have the functionality of creating posts with pictures and videos, but Instagram is the leading social media platform where the newsfeed is entirely made of graphics. In other words, the graphics or “pictures” being posted are the primary feature that people are looking at when they are strolling their feed.

An agent as said something to this effect at least once throughout their career: “If I can just get the right couple to see this house, they will fall in love and put an offer down immediately!” What better way to get prime real estate in the eyes of the right person than through an image and video application that the majority of society is using?

Are you worried that your ideal client isn’t on Instagram?

According to Hootsuite, one billion people use Instagram every month with 500 million using it every single day. The younger generations do rule the land, with 71 percent of users being under 35 years old on a global level. These users are the future home buyers of the world, so why wouldn’t you show up for them now to reap the benefits later?

To learn more helpful statistics for 2019 Instagram users, see the full article done by Hootsuite here.

Match Made in Marketing Heaven

Now that you know Instagram is filled with your ideal audience and the reasons marketing real estate on Instagram makes complete sense, here is the golden ticket to grow your Instagram profile with your ideal client base.

Drone Photography

There’s nothing more captivating than fly-over footage of your client’s dream home. If you start bringing high-quality and unique shots of gorgeous real estate to your profile, not only are you going to expand your audience, but you’ll be remembered over your competition.

An article done by Best Drone For The Job shares a guide to finding the proper drone for your real estate business, as well as tips on flying and getting the perfect, million-dollar shot every time.

If you’re not ready to purchase your very own drone yet, but you’re interested in trying this tactic out, you can always hire a drone service like HouseLens or DroneBase, to capture your shots for you.


Social media marketing is a powerful tool to scale your real estate business. Whether you need to up your game or you want to bring next-level images to your client's eyes, this tactic will definitely catch the user’s attention and separate you from the rest.

Here are a few real estate profiles that are killing the IG game:

  1. Chad Carrol & Luis Iglesias: South Florida

  2. Josh Altman: Los Angeles

  3. Joyce Rey: Southern California

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