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Content Marketing for Real Estate Agents 

As a real estate agent, it is imperative that you have an online presence AND a content marketing strategy. If you don't, all the amazing and unique content you're producing is going to waste. Any pictures or videos you take and blogs you write are all content that needs to be marketed to past and present clients and shared on social media channels to draw in new clients. 

To help you better understand WHY content marketing is so important for real estate agents, check out this infographic from

As you can see, blogs and videos are great ways to bump up your marketing efforts. From how to stage a home for an open house to local events, you can always find something to blog about! Once you write your blog, it's very easy to distribute. Post it to your website, LinkedIn blog, share it across all social media platforms, and send it in email newsletters. This type of content helps people see you as an expert. If you have a steady hand and a smartphone you can create your own videos. These can feature past client interviews, home and neighborhood tours, and interviews with local business owners. Videos, like blogs, should be distributed across all social media platforms (including YouTube!). Videos are thoughtful, fun, and great ways to appeal to new clients.

In a time where more people are online than not, it's important you're reaching the widest audience you can. By having a concrete content marketing strategy you can achieve awesome results!

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