• Agent Based Pricing™

    Advertise Based On Your Needs. You Own The Zip Code & Choose Your Ad Budget.

  • How It Works

    Ads within budget!


    Reserve Zips

    Pick your favorite zip codes and own them exclusively with The Social Agent on Facebook & Instagram.


    Choose Budget

    Work with a market specialist to determine your needs and budget to get results from your Ads.


    Choose Objective

    Tell us what type of prospects or branding you are looking for & we will build you a custom audiences & Ads.

  • An Advertising Model For Agents

    Facebook, Instagram & It's Audience Network are the largest consumer platform in the world. The numbers are staggering yet single agents and small teams have trouble navigating the ad platform to see an ROI. We have created a model that let's you spend what you can afford based on your needs. You choose your budget and we do the heavy work. We even have a conversion tool that will do all of the follow-up for you.
    Agent Based Pricing™ is advertising within your budget, not ours. Once you own your exclusive zip codes with us you get to choose your ad budget on a monthly basis. So you can scale up in the busy season and scale back in the slower times. We have market specialists who can help recommend your level of budget based on individual, team or brokerage needs.
    Every Zip Code is $99 per month to own exclusively. We call it the Exclusive Market License Fee. Once you own your zips you can choose an ad budget from $100 to 100,000 per month. We recommend a starting ad budget of $1,500 - $5,000 per month but you can start as aggressive as you want or test the waters within your budget.
    Fill out the form below to check if your markets are available and reserve your zips. After that we will have one of our market specialists help your determine your objectives and needs to advertise on Facebook & Instagram and get results.

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