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    Choose your favorite zip codes for exclusive advertising on our platform and pick your advertising objectives. If you need buyers, sellers or something custom, we can help you.


    In-Take Call

    This call will be with on of our Certified Buying Professionals. We get all the information needed to run your ads within your budget and needs with our Agent Based Pricing™.


    Ad Setup Call

    This call will be with one of our Certified Planning Professionals. We get all the information needed to run local Facebook & Instagram Ads in your market from your business page for you and set up your chat bot and targeted custom audiences.


    Client Walk-Through Call

    Our client success manager will do a screen-share with you to show your Ads and the Agent Ai™ chatbot to automatically convert your prospects to appointments using the virtual assistant named Andi.


    Test, Measure & Increase Exposure In Your Markets To Get More Closings.

    With detailed reporting you can evaluate where you are getting the best bang for your buck. You will get weekly reporting delivered right to your email every Tuesday.

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  • FAQ's

    We hope the answers below answer all of your questions.

    General Questions

    Who Are We?

    The Social Agent is a product suite of Adzeey, LLC. We are social media advertisers and marketers who believe real estate agents are vital to the home buying and home selling process and we want to put you in position to get listings in your primary area of focus.


    How Does It Work?

    We have built targeted audiences and ads inside of Facebook & Instagram to get prospective buyers or sellers to submit their information to the best agents in their market. We use Axciom Data to build custom digital audiences for you to make sure your ads are showing up in front of the right people.


    How Do I Get Started?

    On the first call you will select your markets to own exclusively. Then you will be assigned to a certified buying professional to help your determine your ad budget and objective based on your needs. Next you will have an onboarding call with our Ads Team to build your custom digital audience and your ads from your Facebook Business Page and setup your lead routing. Finally you will talk with our Client Success Manager to do a walkthrough.


    Where Do The Ads Show Up?

    We place the ads directly in the desktop and mobile news feeds of consumers on Facebook & Instagram & its Audience Network.


    How Important Is Social Media?

    Currently, there are 7-8 million movers per month on Facebook, Instagram and its Audience Network. We help you to become the exclusive agent to advertise on Facebook and Instagram in your local market.


    What Is The Prospect Quality?

    Because the consumer has a verified Facebook or Instagram profile, the prospect information is 98% accurate. With that said, that does not mean the contract is already at your front door. Some folks might not be ready to sell or buy at this very moment. In this case, use our auto-conversion tool called Agent Ai™ to convert the prospects for you to appointments.


    Why Do You Do This?

    Because being an agent is hard work and we want agents to be listing and selling every home in their market to serve their clients. We think if we can make it simple its more fun.


    Do You Work With Brokers?

    Absolutely, have your agents get their zips and your brokerage will dominate the buyer or listing market. It also is a great recruiting tool. You can have agents or you can have social agents. We like The Social Agents more.


    Where Do You Get Your Data?

    We have use Axciom to build digital audiences to get the most relevant information for all people & in your market. We do all the heavy lifting and advertising so you can focus on getting appointments and turning those appointments into clients, listings and closings for yourself or your team.


    Sales Questions

    How Much Does It Cost?

    You can reserve your zips for $99 each and then pick your plan for each for your exclusive zip codes from $100 - $100,000 per month. There are no setup fees or transaction fees. Own your markets exclusively and then choose your Ad Budget with our Agent Based Pricing™ to determine how much exposure you are looking for. Your market, your choice.


    Are There Contracts?

    There are no long-term commitments. You can cancel or pause your subscription at anytime with a 30-day written notice to support@thesocialagent.com. It's your business and we want agent's to advertise to their needs.


    Is My Market Exclusive?

    Yes, you will be the only agent in your zip code. You will be the exclusive agent in your primary zip code(s) forever, as long as your subscription remains active. Most agent's never cancel their zip(s) even if they pause their ads.


    What If I Want to Cancel Or Pause?

    Simply send a support ticket to our helpdesk at support@thesocialagent.com prior to your next billing date with your 30-day change or cancellation notice.


    Can I Purchase More Than One Zip Code?

    Once you are signed up with The Social Agent you can purchase as many additional markets as you want if they are available.


    What If My Zip Code Is Sold Out?

    Since each of our markets are exclusive to only one agent you will need to pick another zip code. We recommend picking the zip code(s) you love that you know your competition isn't focused on.


    Is There A Waitlist?

    Yes, you can join the waitlist and we will call you when they are available.


    Can I Switch Zip Codes?

    Sure, again its your business. Just send us a 30-day change notice. If the desired zip is available then we can move you.


    Are There Any Discounts?

    Nope, we prepay for all advertising on your behalf so we all have to pay the price for the ad space.


    How Many Prospects Will I Get?

    That depends on the level you come in at and how many zip codes you own. Rule of thumb says a prospect per 1K impressions but every market is different. Its also consumer driven and seasonal so contact us today and we can look at your market with you and choose what you want.


    How Do I Get My Contacts?

    When a consumer clicks on the ad they are routed to your Facebook Business Page Inbox. Once they are in there, the prospect can click "Get Started" and the chatbot will start converting them for you.

    Conversion Questions

    What Information Do I Get On My Prospects?

    When a prospect clicks on your ads they will be directed to your Facebook Messenger app. So you will have direct access to the prospect's Facebook profile. our Agent Ai™ will get the rest of the info for you.


    Are The Prospects Qualified?

    With our Agent Ai™ our chatbot named Andi will qualify and set appointments for you. If you don't use the chatbot then you will have to qualify each opportunity.


    What If I Can't Reach My Prospects?

    The Social Agent provides the advertising for the prospect, not the prospects themselves. The information is provided by the consumer and given directly to you via the advertisement. We do not hold any of the consumer information nor do the prospect come from us. We simply provide the platform for consumers to find agents.


    We suggest using our Agent Ai™ to contact and convert prospects for you and followup with them.


    What Is the Conversion?

    Conversion is typically 3-6% nationwide. Our system is based on a conversion rate of 3% to be realistic. If you have 30 consumer inquiries in front of you then you should get one closing over the course of time. So if you got 10 inquiries a month then you would be looking at one closing every 3 months. If you had 90 inquiries a month then the rule of thumb is 3 closings as a result.


    What is the ROI?

    Below is an example ROI calculation to help you plan. In this example, we will assume 10 inquiries per month, a 3% commission rate, a $250,000 sales price and a 3% conversion rate over the course of a year. If your average commission, sales price, conversion rate or number of inquiries is higher than that than you ROI increases dramatically.


    The yearly totals would be a minimum of 120 consumer inquiries and at a 3% conversion would be an average of 3.6 closings. If you only converted 1% that would still be 1.2 closings and still profitable. Basically you only lose by quitting to early.


    Over the next year your ROI will be 4.5x. If you spend $6,000 as The Social Agent in your market you should expect a return of $27,000 if all things were equal.


    What Is The Agent Ai™?

    The Agent Ai™ is a chatbot that we created and named him Andi. He connects directly into your Facebook messenger app to connect, engage and convert leads or prospects from Facebook & Instagram. Once Andi connects with the prospect, he asks them questions to qualify them and set appointments for you.


    What Is Agent Based Pricing™?

    Our Agent Based Pricing model gives agents the ability to advertise based on their needs and be the exclusive agent in their desired zip codes. Once you own your market, you choose your objectives and ad budget based on your business needs.

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